About Slimline Bunion Surgery

Offering the innovative bunion removal process known as Slimline Bunion Surgery, Dr. Emanuel Sergi caters to patients in the New York City area. Slimline Bunion Surgery is a unique option for those who want to remove painful, bothersome bunions with little downtime. In addition to this procedure, Dr. Sergi provides treatment for patients with hammertoe, calluses, plantar fasciitis, and other foot conditions at the Park Avenue Podiatric Care clinic.

Traditional bunion removal surgeries can be painful and keep patients off their feet for days and/or weeks, while the Slimline treatment involves less pain and scarring. After this treatment, patients are able to walk on their feet while wearing special shoes right after surgery. Dr. Emanuel Sergi uses the medial incision method, which means he makes an incision on the side of the foot to remove the bunion, instead of the conventional dorsal incision, at Park Avenue Podiatric Care. Once the bunion is removed, Dr. Sergi removes extra tissue from around the area and closes the wound. Those who undergo the Slimline procedure do not have sutures that need to be removed, as the wound will heal without additional treatment.

While Slimline Bunion Surgery is less painful than traditional bunion removal surgeries, Dr. Emanuel Sergi regularly prescribes pain medication to help his patients with any pain or discomfort. Dr. Emanuel Sergi provides this type of surgery so that his patients can enhance the aesthetic appearance of their feet and eliminate the chronic pain that accompanies bunions. For more information about Park Avenue Podiatric Care, interested individuals can visit http://www.nycfootsurgery.com.

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