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Slimline Bunion Surgery Gains Media Attention

Developed by Dr. Emanuel Sergi of Park Avenue Podiatric Care in New York City, Slimline Bunion Surgery has received attention from several media sources over the past several years. An innovative technique that focuses on cosmetic as well as physical results, the bunion-removal procedure results in less scarring and decreased postoperative pain. Furthermore, this technique returns patients’ feet back to their natural shape. After removing the abnormal bony enlargement and realigning the bones, Dr. Emanuel Sergi extracts any redundant tissue and closes the incision without the use of sutures that need to be removed. By removing the extra tissue, the operating physician provides an aesthetic result that traditional bunion surgeries often overlook.

News sources such as MSNBC and Wall Street Select have reported on Slimline Bunion Surgery for both its medical and cosmetic results. The stories noted that patients are increasingly concerned about the cosmetic appearance of their feet and that this new method has found a wide range of clientele in New York City.